Roba Verkaufsstand Kaufladen mit Tafel

Roba Verkaufsstand Kaufladen mit Tafel
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RB 9892ZU
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"Good afternoon, what can it be today?", From now on it is called in the small family store. The roba sale stand made of natural solid wood offers plenty of room for creative play. Four practical wooden drawers for loose food, a side shelf and open shelves offer plenty of room for a diverse and large variety of goods. A sales desk, a clock and a practical chalkboard for announcing special offers are also available. Thanks to their great imagination and the wealth of ideas, the young young people transform the traditional merchant shop into a confectionery, a shoemaker's shop or a toy store. As part of the social interaction, they learn how to play in the different roles of the customer and seller and to deal with product types, quantities and numbers.

Base material: plywood, material 2: plastic
Age of the child:
from 3 years

construction Dimensions

Length: 100,00 cm
Width: 78,00 cm
Height: 120.00 cm


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