reer Pressure-mounted gate I-Gate, Active-Lock, metal

reer Pressure-mounted gate I-Gate, Active-Lock, metalreer Pressure-mounted gate I-Gate, Active-Lock, metal
69,99 EUR
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LS 46402
3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)

- installation without drilling and screwing

- flexibly adaptable, suitable for gateway widths from 77,5 - 83,5 cm

- with max. 6 extensions expandable up to 125.5 cm

- XL gateway width of 60 cm

- the coloured installation indicator reliably indicates if the gate is installed with the right clamping force between the door frame or if it is too loose

- can be opened in both directions

- to limit the opening direction, a stopper is included in the scope of delivery

- Active-Lock: threefold Closure-System: press both buttons and lift the handle 

- especially safe, yet simple to use with only one hand

- the gate must be opened and closed manually

- material: metal - steel;  plastic - PA6, SEBS, POM

- colour: metal - white; plastic - light grey

- height: 77 cm

- suitable for children up to 24 months

- the child safety gate is suitable for household use only

- SLG-GS EN 1930:2011

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