Children Sofa - HotWheels

Children Sofa - HotWheels
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This fold-out sofa is the absolute eye-catcher in every nursery with nice colours and the great print. And it's not only beautiful, but also really comfortable.
Dimensions: 77x34x42 cm (dimensions when unfolded: 77x81x42 cm)

For boys and girls who like fast cars. This fold-out children's sofa "Hot Wheels" by knorr toys delights all kids with its comfort. Not only the sitting and lying area but also the armrests are made of soft foam and covered with cotton. The great colour and colourful print is the absolute eye-catcher in the nursery. Your child will feel safe and secure on this sofa and it will invite the little ones to relax and fall asleep. It can also be used as a small side couch or as a lying surface. The foam makes the sofa exceptionally light yet sturdy. Even the youngest are able to push the sofa back and forth effortlessly throughout the room. Loadable up to 30 kg. The cover is removable and suitable for 30˚C hand wash.


NOTICE: NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS Small parts and / or tear-off small parts that could be swallowed eg.
Choking hazard. Keep address and information.

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