Nici Sprialblock "50% Fun + 50% Drama" DIN A5

Nici Sprialblock Nici Sprialblock
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The NICI Spiral Block Lama Luis helps you to keep your notes tidy.

Here in the notepad there is plenty of space to write down important things. The sides are checked on both sides and have a perforated seam for easy removal from the pad. The sides are perforated.
Everybody wants these cuddly toys: The white and the brown NICI Lama look totally funny with their big eyes, the long neck and the fluffy plush fur. Grab one of the funny plushes or one of the Lama-look items like cups, blocks or bags and let them sweeten your day.

Product dimensions: 21 x 16 x 5 mm (DIN A5)
Product weight incl. packaging: 481g
Number of pages: 160
Page layout: The sides are checked and each decorated with the outline of a llama in the corner.

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