Nici Unicorn Theodor 32cm with Speaker and LED

Nici Unicorn Theodor 32cm with Speaker and LEDNici Unicorn Theodor 32cm with Speaker and LEDNici Unicorn Theodor 32cm with Speaker and LEDNici Unicorn Theodor 32cm with Speaker and LED
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NC 42530
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Come cuddle up with Theodor.
Hello, I am Theodor. I have extra cuddly plush fur, but I can do much more: I have color changing LED lights in my body and a password protected Bluetooth speaker in my stomach. The speaker can be connected to a smartphone and tablet, then the electronic cuddly toy plays your favourite music and audio books and lights up in rainbow colours. In addition, a special Unicorn app can be downloaded. With this app, small messages can be recorded and played back via Theodor and funny noises can be made. An interactive play friend, who provides for much good mood. After switching on the sound module in the belly of the unicorn, Bluetooth-enabled devices (mobile phones, tablets) can be connected to the cuddly toy by clicking on the name "NICI" in the Bluetooth settings. The connection is secured with a password. If the Bluetooth connection to the sound module is interrupted, it changes to sleep mode after four minutes. If the unicorn is shaken, the module is reactivated. As soon as you no longer wish to use your own Bluetooth device, switch off the sound module in the belly of the cuddly toy. In this way you prevent strangers from accessing it and conserve the batteries. Let the party begin! Hello, we are Theodor, Cloud Dreamer and Dalia Lama. We love to cuddle, but we can do much more. We glow in rainbow colors and have a Bluetooth speaker in our stomach. Connect it to your smartphone or tablet and we'll play your favorite music or read you an audiobook. You can also use our app to make funny noises and send us little messages.

Material: cuddly soft NICI plush made of 100 % polyester
Filling: made of 100 % polyester wadding
Eyes: plastic
with electronic module
Recommended care: Surface washable

Product weight incl. packaging: 938 g
Packaging dimensions: 23 x 23 x 33 cm

Important information Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Instructions for use can be found in the bottom section. KEEP INFORMATION! Please read the instructions carefully and keep them in a safe place. To avoid surprises when playing, we recommend that you go through the instructions together with your child and explain the functions to him or her. Attention! For safety reasons, remove all wires, plastic or rubber bands, pendants or other fastening materials from the toy before the toy is handed to the child. Inserting and replacing batteries: The batteries contained in the plush toy are used exclusively for demonstration purposes in the shop. Please replace batteries with new alkaline batteries before using them for the first time. The toy may only be operated with three AA 1.5V batteries. Safe and responsible handling of batteries: Batteries may only be inserted/removed by an adult or under the supervision of an adult. Do not heat batteries excessively or expose them to sunlight, fire or the like. We recommend the use of non-rechargeable batteries for longer periods of operation. If the toy will not be used for an extended period of time, slide the switch to the "Off" position to increase battery life. We also recommend removing the batteries to prevent leakage and damage to the product. Electrical appliances/batteries should not be disposed of with household waste. To protect the environment, we ask you to return batteries and rechargeable batteries at the end of their service life to the designated collection points and to return them to the recycling cycle. If the battery is swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.

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