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The bath line to inspire your child.
Life is like an adventurous sea voyage. From the very first days, the world reveals a new and mysterious element: water. Help your child to feel safe in water. With a variety of useful, imaginative and sophisticated accessories, your child will love this element. The safety of your baby is very important to us, which is why our tubs for children aged 0-6 and 6-12 months are always equipped with three support points to ensure the highest possible safety.
In addition, the tub seats, which can accompany your child until the age of 15 months, are made of a plastic construction in an attractive design and also offer the highest level of safety. Once your baby has gained confidence in water, it will feel like playing. You can develop this further with the help of the practical products, which can also be used as toys at the same time. Water can take so many different forms. From the wide blue sea to a roaring waterfall, raging river or calm lake. Perhaps your offspring will fall in love with this element and recognize water sports as one of the best and healthiest of all.

The Fehn Garden Dreams Collection

Fehn Garden Dreams Bath Animal Turtle

The Fehn Garden Dreams Collection
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