Baby violet root on cord

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The violet root is a traditional household remedy that was used in ancient times for seasoning and later in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes. It is extracted from the rootstock of the iris pallida or germanica. The iris is said to have calming powers, which should make teething easier for the child. Teething can be very distressing for babies. The gums are often reddened, swollen and very sensitive. Especially during this time every baby wants and should chew a lot and vigorously. Therefore many midwives and mothers recommend a violet root. This root becomes soft and elastic due to the moisture in the saliva and thus makes it easier to push through the teeth.

ATTENTION: Important safety instructions:

    The cotton cord must not be hung around the baby's neck, but only in the hand!
    Use under direct adult supervision.
    With each longer use the root becomes soft due to the saliva.
    Before the next use let the root dry and check for damage.
    In case of brittleness and larger cracks, do not use the root any more, but throw it away.    

Care instructions:

    The root should be dried at room temperature after use and checked for possible brittleness.
    If the root is contaminated, it can be immersed in boiling water for about 30 seconds.

Special features:

    100 % violet root
    cord 100% organic cotton
    Recommended by many mothers and midwives
    Enables vigorous chewing
    Becomes soft and elastic due to the moisture in saliva
    Facilitates the piercing of the teeth
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