Nici monkey 12cm MagNICI

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NC 33043
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0,03 kg

Children's rooms, refrigerators and other magnetic surfaces become a real eye-catcher.
The light brown monkey with black button eyes has magnets in the paws and can therefore be attached to all metallic surfaces.
On a very hot summer day, Chumba the Elephant decides to leave the African plains for a day trip to the nearby jungle. He sets off to find fresh water and spend a lazy day in the shade of the jungle's jungle giants. While he rests at a small stream and makes himself comfortable under a tree, he meets the monkey Bubaka. Although the two are very different - Chumba is rather a calm, balanced representative, whereas Bubaka is very lively - they understand each other and like each other right away. Since then they have been a great team and have a lot of fun together. In addition to the dazzling entertainment, they also learn from each other every day and balance each other's weaknesses with their own strengths. An unusual, but real friendship for life!

Product weight incl. packaging: 9.1 g
Packaging dimensions:11,6 x 9,6 x 1,2 cm
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