Nici Pillow Theodor Standing Pink 37x37cm

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NC 41722
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Here it is, our incredibly velvety, cuddly unicorn cushion for young and old, adorned by the chubby Theodor.

Normally unicorns fly all night long in the 'unicorn canter' through the sky spheres. Their destination are the dream worlds of humans, where they shake the stardust out of their mane until some of it touches their hearts and tiny little miracles happen.

Our unicorn Theodor, however, likes it cozy, which is why he is only half-day on the road when it comes to magic. The rest of the day he likes to stretch all fours of himself and dozes quietly neighing. After all, stardust can not only be spread by galloping, but also by cuddling. Which child or which adult with a child's heart nestles our Theodor to himself and dreams himself with him into a world in which there is neither malice and envy nor stress. The recipe is very simple: open your heart and experience unicorn magic.

A wonderful, decorative gift for children in the outstanding Nici quality.

Care advice: washable at 30°C.
Material composition: 100 % polyester
Product dimensions: 37 x 37 x 14 cm
Product weight: 260 g
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